The building of a church had been on the minds of the people of St. Martin's mission from the beginning. The start of this dream becoming reality was in mid-December of 1950 when Mr. William Kester and Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Hortt gave gifts of 235 feet and 100 feet of land respectively on the Intracoastal Waterway. 

It was around mid-February of 1951 that the land was surveyed and the first piles driven for a new building. On April 29, 1951, the cornerstone of the church was laid and Horace Robinson, the Sr. Warden, announced that the church would be completed in about six weeks. It took longer that that, but not much longer. On August 5, 1951, the first Service was held in the new church. All Saints Parish sent their choir to sing for this occasion. Also playing a vital role for this Service was the first Altar Guild of St. Martin's.

Current day Church exterior

The Vicarage was completed in May 1953, and the nursery and kindergarten followed in July 1957. Thus was ended the initial building stage of St. Martin's. Those spaces are now the Parish Hall, the former site of Building Bridges Preschool, and St. Martin's Christian Education buildings.

St. Martin's had become a parish in May of 1954. The subsequent arrival of the Reverend H.L. Zimmerman to replace the much beloved first rector, The Reverend Don Copeland, who accepted a call to St. Stephen's Parish in Coconut Grove, set the stage for the most ambitious of projects — a new church building.

As early as 1956, it became apparent that St. Martin's was rapidly outgrowing its facilities. Plans and surveys for a new church began in earnest in 1956. A survey report to the Vestry on October 8 of that year showed that in May of 1959, there were approximately 600 communicants and it was projected that if the population growth rate held there would be nearly 1,500 communicants by May of 1964. This would be quite a number for the little church built in 1951 — and already overcrowded.

The parish got down to work. A fund raising organization was contracted to raise $175.00 towards an expected cost of $225.00, which is 22 1/2 times the cost of the original church. Under the leadership of many parishioners the canvas was begun in March, 1960.  

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new church was held at 10:00.a.m. on June 18, 1961. The Reverend Samuel C. W. Fleming, Rector of All Saints Parish, preached. Among those attending were Horace P. Robinson, the first Senior Warden, and Harold A. Talbert, the then Senior Warden. 

East facing window.

The new building, designed by Horard E. McCall A.1.A., of Boca Raton, and executed by General Contractor Martin H. Johnson of Pompano Beach, was to seat 600 persons. Included in the building costs was the beautiful stained glass window that forms the east wall of the church. This wall, 14 feet high and 55 feet wide, was designed and made in France by the famous artist Gabriel Loire of Chartres.

The Rt. Reverend Henry I. Louttit, the Bishop of South Florida, dedicated the new church in February 25, 1962. The interior furnishings of the church, imported from Switzerland, Italy and Germany, represent a contemporary approach to liturgical art and were all designed expressly for St. Martin's Church.