Our Lord gave us a new commandment: that we love one another. He didn’t qualify that statement by saying, “as long as they think and believe as you do.” The great spiritual paths of the world echo this commandment, for at their core, they too are all based on Love; we are all children of One God.

The Dalai Lama said that “Harmony among our different religious traditions is essential for world peace.” Therefore, in our interfaith ministry at St. Martin, we heed the words of St. Paul in Romans 14:15 when he said, “Let us pursue what makes for peace and mutual understanding.”

Our interfaith ministry goals include:

  • Networking with organizations that promote interfaith understanding;
  • Hosting meetings/social events with people of different faiths, to share points of view, discuss differences, discover commonalities, and build fellowship;
  • Promoting greater understanding of other faiths through ongoing education and by organizing exchange visits with other houses of worship;
  • Designing and officiating interfaith wedding ceremonies and memorial services in our beautiful sanctuary and chapel.

If you are interested in participating in our interfaith initiatives, please contact Rev. Darby Line, Interfaith & Healing Ministries Associate, at 954-826-9279.