Weddings at St. Martin

If you are planning your special day, consider having the service at St Martin. The church or chapel create a special atmosphere and will certainly add wonderful memories of your wedding day. 

Our Parish Hall is available for the reception as well.

Episcopal: St. Martin is an Episcopal church, and most of the weddings we do are from The Book of Common Prayer. This beautiful, time-tested liturgy is the Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage, and it is recognized by The Episcopal Church.

Interfaith: for couples from different faith traditions, we can craft a ceremony that honors your spiritual journey, your heritage, and your preferences. Our Interfaith Minister can design and officiate all or parts of your ceremony.

For more information on the facilities, cost, and planning, call our parish administrator, Janet Privas, at 954-941-4843, or email her at

Bride and Groom hands on Bible