Worship Servers serve at the altar both on Sunday morning and during the week. These ministers can serve at our 8 a.m. low mass and at our 10:30 high mass on Sundays.  In addition, opportunities to serve exist at the masses offered during the week. To learn more about serving in a worship ministry, contact Fr. Bernie for more information (; 954-941-4843).

Areas of Worship Ministry

Acolytes are assistants to the priest and sacred ministers. Their areas of serving are Server, Crucifer, Torch Bearer, Thurifer, and Incense Bearer.

Sub-Deacon of the Mass is a sacred lay-minister who joins with the priest at the altar to assist for the celebration of Holy Communion.

Deacon of the Mass is either an ordained Deacon or lay-minister who joins with the priest at the altar for the celebration of Holy Communion.

Chalice Bearers are licensed by the bishop to administer the Communion Cup at Holy Communion.

Lay Lectors are assigned to read scripture and intercessory prayers at our Sunday and weekday worship services.

Lay Readers are licensed by the bishop to read the Offices of Morning and Evening Prayer.

Choir  The ministry of music is a valuable part of our Sunday Worship. These ministers sing and lead the congregation in song at our 10:30 Holy Communion Service. (Click here to learn more about the Music Ministry at St. Martin.)

Greeters  These ministers greet, welcome, and otherwise assist guests to St. Martin’s Sunday Services.

Ushers  These ministers greet and welcome Sunday worshipers to St. Martin’s, and assist the congregation in an orderly Service.

Altar Guild  These are the silent servants of the Lord. They work behind the scenes and quietly prepare the worship vessels, linens, and vestments. They also set up and clean up for the Sunday worship services.